minneola tangelos

The facts, the figures, and all the juicy details...
Tangelos are deliberate or accidental hybrids of any mandarin orange and the grapefruit or pummelo. The first known crosses were made by Dr. Walter T. Swingle at Eustis, Florida, in 1897, and Dr. Herbert J. Webber at Riverside, California, in 1898. They are so unlike other citrus fruits that they have been set aside in a class by themselves designated Citrus X tangelo J. Ingram & H. E. Moore (C. X paradisi X C. reticulata). Tangelos range from the size of a standard sweet orange to the size of a grapefruit, but are usually somewhat necked at the base. The peel is fairly loose and easily removed. The pulp is often colorful, subacid, of fine flavor and very juicy. The trees are large, more cold-tolerant than the grapefruit but not quite as hardy as the mandarin. Nucellar embryos are not uncommon in these hybrids and most of the cultivars are self-sterile, so a majority come true from seed. Tangelos are not commonly grown in California but are produced commercially and in home gardens in Florida. They are much more satisfactory on limestone in southern Florida than the sweet orange and are prized for their quality.

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